How To Post/ Upload a Long Video On Instagram?

November 17, 2020 0 By jessi

As time passes by,  the need to express ourselves is tremendously increasing. Today, we need to show whatever we think or do to the whole world, not for showing off but for standing among the fast-changing world. As people are getting more educated and knowledgeable and the competition is rising, the need to stand alone and different from others becomes sky-rocketing. In order to cope up with these rapid changes, numerous platforms are coming up. As a result, social networking sites are becoming popular. Earlier, only youngsters were interested in social media and all such things but today, from children to old people, everyone is having Instagram and Facebook accounts because everyone has understood the value of exposure. You are nothing more than a normal person until and unless you hold your thoughts, your distinct way of living life. 

With the increasing needs and awareness, the demand for social networking sites has grown to a greater extent. Instagram is also one of such platforms. So, obviously, it’s demand has also enhanced. Whenever we find something wrong happening, we just click or record it and post it on Instagram at a touch. Whenever you get an innovative or creative thought, you just upload it so that it can reach others. 

It is good until everything is going smoothly but when we face obstacles, the flow changes. For instance, if you want to upload a long video on Instagram, how will you do it? You have to cut it into parts and then upload it but that’s a time-consuming task. So, there must be some ways to upload it just like we upload images.

If you want to upload a video on Instagram, it should be only from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. But what if you want to post a long video?

 The way to do so is as follows:

  1. Using apps

Many apps are coming up in the app store which helps you to upload long videos. 

  1. Story Splitter for Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook- The app precisely cuts video that you want to upload on Instagram into numerous parts. To can accurately cut the videos into 15 seconds as well as 60 seconds so that you can upload it directly to Instagram.


  • The app is absolutely free and easy to use.
  • It does not distort the quality of video while splitting.

Cons- You can’t select the custom size for split videos.

  1. Video splitter- story split

It is a simple app that is easy to use. In this app, you can customize the time for each clip as per your convenience.


  • The app doesn’t take access to all videos on your device. You just need to give access to the video, you want to cut.
  • There are no disturbing ads.

Cons- You can’t trim and play the video at the same time while splitting.

  1.  Story Video Cutter- Video splitter- You can simply cut your videos into pieces so that you can upload it.

Pros- You can set the configuration for clipping.

Cons- Many times, it doesn’t work.

2. Live videos

If you want to add long videos of whatever is happening at the moment, you can come live on the app and upload it. It supports videos with longer durations, which is up to one hour.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Go to the story section.

Step 3- Select the live option.

Step 4- You are live now. 

Step 5- Shoot the video that you want to upload and it will get uploaded automatically.

3. Multiple clips for a long video.

You can simply add small video clips one after others, using the multiple posts option and your long video is ready.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Click the add posts button.

Step 3- Choose the multiple post option that is on the left.

Step 4- Choose clips series wise which you want to add.

Step 5- Tag the people give it a good caption and post it.

4. IGTV videos

IGTV has made uploading the videos easy than ever before. IGTV is a standalone video uploader on Instagram where you can post videos for up to one hour. You can use it along with or without Instagram. The app doesn’t show any commercials. You can even use hashtags on the app.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Choose the add posts button.

Step 3- Choose the video you want to upload.

Step 4- Select a thumbnail for your video.

Step 5- Click the post button.

Isn’t it too easy? You don’t have to make much effort to upload long videos on Instagram. There are numerous problems which we consider to be big but they are so small that we can solve them in a second. The problem of the unavailability of feature to upload long videos on Instagram seems to be so big as we have to spend a lot of time cutting videos into small parts. But by using the above steps, you can do it with just a click. So, from now on, just make a video without any stress or without thinking that you will not be able to upload the whole video as you can do this task on fingertips without any trouble.

When you can upload your videos without thinking anything, you can make as many videos as you want. This is a chance or opportunity to express your thoughts and stand differently. Now, nothing can stop you from changing this world. You have the power of changing everything. You are the best and can do whatever you want. Just move ahead and never stop.