How To Save Videos From Instagram On All Devices?

November 17, 2020 0 By jessi

Saving videos on Instagram is such a blessing; most of us don’t recognize it. With all the content that IG has to offer, you can :

  • Share content with your followers 
  • Enhance engagement on Your feed
  • collaborate with other influencers

Most importantly, you can download cute baby videos for later.

Although, If you’re saving someone else’s video to share on your own feed, do credit that person for the post!

It will save you from backlash, the kind that happened to a certain media house in early 2019. Their brand and IG account came under fire for reposting their users’ tweets and posts without crediting them or asking for permission.

Therefore look into IG’s in-depth copyright policy before reposting from others.

Five ways of saving videos on Instagram:

  1. Saving Instagram posts to your personal Collections

This way helps one save videos to their private Profile. You can organize these saved posts by putting them in different “Collections.” 

You can do it by :

  • As and When you see a video you want to save for further, select the “save” icon you’ll find below it.
  • After you select the icon, the video will be available to watch on the “Saved” page of your IG profile. And you will be able to get the access it by going to your personal profile page and clicking on the 3 line icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then selecting ‘Saved.’
  • If you wanted to save the video to a specified Collection, you long-press press the ‘save’ icon and select the collection you would want to save the video in.

Although This way allows you to come back to a video any time and watch it again, it doesn’t allow you to repost content to your feed from your Collections.

  1. Saving your personal Instagram videos

If you had a video you personally created for your Instagram feed or Story, you could simply save it when you’re done making it.

Just record the video, and tap on the download button on the top before you start to post it on your Profile or Story.

If you have already posted the video file to your IG Story, you can still save it pretty easily. You can: 

  • Go to your Story and start viewing the video. At the lower right-hand corner of the screen, tap on the three dots for other options.
  • Now, you will be taken to a menu where you can select “Save Video” to do it. This step will download your video directly to your phone.

To save all your Instagram Stories to your device by default, you can:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to privacy and Security. 
  • Go to story Controls and then move on to “Save to Camera Roll.”
  1. Manually recording IG Stories.

Unfortunately for us, IG doesn’t allow us to download videos we find on our feed or the ones on our users’ feeds. Also if you want you can buy Instagram views for Instagram reels or igtv,

But, for as long as we have the original permission, we can look for several workarounds for that one. One way is to save IG videos is to simply record your phone’s screen while the video is on the play.

For iPhone users, you can do it by :

  • Swipe up the bottom of your device to come to the Control Center.
  • Tap the red Record button.
  • Select Start Recording. A 3-second countdown will begin before it starts recording.
  • Record your video then go to Open the Control Center and tap the red circular button to stop it. 

The video recording will become available in your gallery or google photos.

Androids don’t presently offer the inbuilt function that allows recording a screen. But there are some good apps that will let you do it. few of them are:

  • DU Recorder
  • AZ Recorder
  • YouTube Gaming
  • ScreenCam
  • RecMe

All of these apps give you a great screen recording experience free of cost. 

  1. Using an app to save IG videos

The best way to save a video to your phone to repost or share with your followers is with a third-party tool.

Some great apps to help you do that are: 

  • StorySaver for Androids

It is A free app that allows us to download videos and photos from IG stories. Users can download from the stories of people they follow. 

Once done, you will be able to post it on your Profile or feed, with permission from, plus the credit to the creator.

  • Quicksave for Androids

This is Another amazing app for Androids that is similar to the Quick Reposter app. To save a video post, just copy the URL and begin downloading.

  • Story Reposter for iOS

An amazing iOS app that lets us download videos from followers IG stories is story reposter. Like the StorySaver, you can save and repost from various Instagram handles.

Just search for the Profile you want to download the video from and select it. Then choose the video you wanted.

These apps are extremely popular and easy to use with a little over 3 million downloads and users. 

  1. Using a web downloader

There are some websites out there that will let you download/ save IG videos to your system.

But the issue is that you can’t repost them without importing them onto your device first. But it sure does come handy when you want to save videos and images for eternity.

Some websites that let you download a video with an IG link are: 


And this ends it. Now you are having all the tools and skills required to save videos of IG.