How To Save Videos From Instagram On All Devices?

Saving videos on Instagram is such a blessing; most of us don’t recognize it. With all the content that IG has to offer, you can :

  • Share content with your followers 
  • Enhance engagement on Your feed
  • collaborate with other influencers

Most importantly, you can download cute baby videos for later.

Although, If you’re saving someone else’s video to share on your own feed, do credit that person for the post!

It will save you from backlash, the kind that happened to a certain media house in early 2019. Their brand and IG account came under fire for reposting their users’ tweets and posts without crediting them or asking for permission.

Therefore look into IG’s in-depth copyright policy before reposting from others.

Five ways of saving videos on Instagram:

  1. Saving Instagram posts to your personal Collections

This way helps one save videos to their private Profile. You can organize these saved posts by putting them in different “Collections.” 

You can do it by :

  • As and When you see a video you want to save for further, select the “save” icon you’ll find below it.
  • After you select the icon, the video will be available to watch on the “Saved” page of your IG profile. And you will be able to get the access it by going to your personal profile page and clicking on the 3 line icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then selecting ‘Saved.’
  • If you wanted to save the video to a specified Collection, you long-press press the ‘save’ icon and select the collection you would want to save the video in.

Although This way allows you to come back to a video any time and watch it again, it doesn’t allow you to repost content to your feed from your Collections.

  1. Saving your personal Instagram videos

If you had a video you personally created for your Instagram feed or Story, you could simply save it when you’re done making it.

Just record the video, and tap on the download button on the top before you start to post it on your Profile or Story.

If you have already posted the video file to your IG Story, you can still save it pretty easily. You can: 

  • Go to your Story and start viewing the video. At the lower right-hand corner of the screen, tap on the three dots for other options.
  • Now, you will be taken to a menu where you can select “Save Video” to do it. This step will download your video directly to your phone.

To save all your Instagram Stories to your device by default, you can:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to privacy and Security. 
  • Go to story Controls and then move on to “Save to Camera Roll.”
  1. Manually recording IG Stories.

Unfortunately for us, IG doesn’t allow us to download videos we find on our feed or the ones on our users’ feeds.

But, for as long as we have the original permission, we can look for several workarounds for that one. One way is to save IG videos is to simply record your phone’s screen while the video is on the play.

For iPhone users, you can do it by :

  • Swipe up the bottom of your device to come to the Control Center.
  • Tap the red Record button.
  • Select Start Recording. A 3-second countdown will begin before it starts recording.
  • Record your video then go to Open the Control Center and tap the red circular button to stop it. 

The video recording will become available in your gallery or google photos.

Androids don’t presently offer the inbuilt function that allows recording a screen. But there are some good apps that will let you do it. few of them are:

  • DU Recorder
  • AZ Recorder
  • YouTube Gaming
  • ScreenCam
  • RecMe

All of these apps give you a great screen recording experience free of cost. 

  1. Using an app to save IG videos

The best way to save a video to your phone to repost or share with your followers is with a third-party tool.

Some great apps to help you do that are: 

  • StorySaver for Androids

It is A free app that allows us to download videos and photos from IG stories. Users can download from the stories of people they follow. 

Once done, you will be able to post it on your Profile or feed, with permission from, plus the credit to the creator.

  • Quicksave for Androids

This is Another amazing app for Androids that is similar to the Quick Reposter app. To save a video post, just copy the URL and begin downloading.

  • Story Reposter for iOS

An amazing iOS app that lets us download videos from followers IG stories is story reposter. Like the StorySaver, you can save and repost from various Instagram handles.

Just search for the Profile you want to download the video from and select it. Then choose the video you wanted.

These apps are extremely popular and easy to use with a little over 3 million downloads and users. 

  1. Using a web downloader

There are some websites out there that will let you download/ save IG videos to your system.

But the issue is that you can’t repost them without importing them onto your device first. But it sure does come handy when you want to save videos and images for eternity.

Some websites that let you download a video with an IG link are: 


And this ends it. Now you are having all the tools and skills required to save videos of IG.


How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number Or Sim?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and common apps’ used by so many people. It has free access. You can create an account on WhatsApp and can also send messages, photos, videos, and also can be in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp Messenger is available for every type of mobile users like IOS, Android, window phones, and Nokia. They can also use all the features of WhatsApp because they use the same data plan that is used for email and web browsing. And there is no cost for it to message. WhatsApp Is one of the largest community messaging platforms all around the world.

In addition to the basic WhatsApp, you can also change the background colour of your chat and can easily send messages to anyone. You can create groups on WhatsApp and can send stickers, Gifs, images, and audio/videos message with your family, friends, and colleagues. WhatsApp is one of the fastest-growing platforms. With millions of users and the application also has good benefits for all users around the world.

Whatsapp usage is increasing day by day; it is mostly used for group discussions. Internet users are extending this platform for private discussions.

 They mostly prefer private platforms for discussion like WhatsApp and snap chat. Rather than using broadcasting, social media networks. There are also WhatsApp client applications that run on mobile devices as well as on computers. Till the user’s mobile device stay connected to the internet.

Whatsapp has a customized version. 

You can also use WhatsApp without having a number or sim by following steps :

Step 1:  Use of WhatsApp without number 

  • Firstly install WhatsApp on your device and then start the main setup.
  • Instead of your phone on WhatsApp enter the fixed landline digits specified your country and state code. 
  • And if there is an option to call on the number to verify then just click on that option and continue.
  • If you already have the verified WhatsApp then delete the recent number.
  • After that, uninstall the app. And reinstall it back.

Step 2: Use text now to verify your WhatsApp 

  • Firstly download the text now messaging app on your phone.
  • This app will give you a unique phone number.
  • Enter the phone number into WhatsApp and use this verified account. 

If you want to use this app on PC, then you have to open your android emulator and then search for Textnow.

Step 3: Open the Textnow app and note down your number.

  • Once you download the app on your device, complete the above process properly.
  • And note down your number.
  • Open WhatsApp now and verify your number.

Step 4: You can also use the second potion that verifies your WhatsApp through an existing landline. 

This method can also be used to verify your WhatsApp. Even if you don’t have a sim card, you can easily open WhatsApp on your phone. The following are the steps that you need to follow to open WhatsApp without a sim card.

  • Open your WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Now just enter your landline number.
  • Just wait for a while for verification by SMS to fail.
  • Now call on the call me a number that will be given by the WhatsApp.
  • After that simply enter your verification code. Carefully note the code.

Now finish the setup process.

Step 5: You can also use WhatsApp without a number only with the help of a spoof Text app on Android.

  • Download the app from your play store to use WhatsApp sim verification.
  •  With this app, do false WhatsApp to verify your number by stating your email from your number. 
  • Now the user will receive a verification code for installation of WhatsApp without a number verified.

Then use the code to sign in.


WhatsApp is one of the best apps for private communication, especially for colleagues or for any business things. You can learn so many things from it if you use the app correctly. It can also help you to create side effects like health problems or even drop in skills if you use it improperly. WhatsApp has also gained a huge rapid increase in the usage of social networking applications. There is a lot of several downloads of WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. It has millions of people who use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can also be available for the 3G and wifi users to message any friends or family. The usage of WhatsApp is growing day by day, and sometimes people become addicted to it, which leads to crime. But overall if you correctly use the app, you will learn new things.

You can also use WhatsApp without any phone number or sim card with the help of the above information. But you mustn’t use it in an illegal or wrong manner. It is important to follow certain rules if you’re creating an account without a sim card or number because there are so many hacking cases. Suppose you’re using WhatsApp for some wrong thing. You need to know the rules and guidelines for using WhatsApp without a number. Otherwise, sometimes it leads to some bad consequences. You should be careful while also filling in details. Otherwise, the wrong details can be the stopper while creating an account.

It’s very important that whenever you create an account on WhatsApp, you should note down your details and everything because if you logout and you don’t remember details that will help you other than that the WhatsApp can also help you in this just tap on the help icon and then follow the guidelines as you will be able to log in to your account. And lastly, with the help of the above steps, you can easily activate or create your new WhatsApp account without using the sim card and also without the phone number. Other than that, just read the WhatsApp steps before starting the WhatsApp. It will be easier for you to start WhatsApp.


How To Post/ Upload a Long Video On Instagram?

As time passes by,  the need to express ourselves is tremendously increasing. Today, we need to show whatever we think or do to the whole world, not for showing off but for standing among the fast-changing world. As people are getting more educated and knowledgeable and the competition is rising, the need to stand alone and different from others becomes sky-rocketing. In order to cope up with these rapid changes, numerous platforms are coming up. As a result, social networking sites are becoming popular. Earlier, only youngsters were interested in social media and all such things but today, from children to old people, everyone is having Instagram and Facebook accounts because everyone has understood the value of exposure. You are nothing more than a normal person until and unless you hold your thoughts, your distinct way of living life. 

With the increasing needs and awareness, the demand for social networking sites has grown to a greater extent. Instagram is also one of such platforms. So, obviously, it’s demand has also enhanced. Whenever we find something wrong happening, we just click or record it and post it on Instagram at a touch. Whenever you get an innovative or creative thought, you just upload it so that it can reach others. 

It is good until everything is going smoothly but when we face obstacles, the flow changes. For instance, if you want to upload a long video on Instagram, how will you do it? You have to cut it into parts and then upload it but that’s a time-consuming task. So, there must be some ways to upload it just like we upload images.

If you want to upload a video on Instagram, it should be only from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. But what if you want to post a long video?

 The way to do so is as follows:

  1. Using apps

Many apps are coming up in the app store which helps you to upload long videos. 

  1. Story Splitter for Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook- The app precisely cuts video that you want to upload on Instagram into numerous parts. To can accurately cut the videos into 15 seconds as well as 60 seconds so that you can upload it directly to Instagram.


  • The app is absolutely free and easy to use.
  • It does not distort the quality of video while splitting.

Cons- You can’t select the custom size for split videos.

  1. Video splitter- story split

It is a simple app that is easy to use. In this app, you can customize the time for each clip as per your convenience.


  • The app doesn’t take access to all videos on your device. You just need to give access to the video, you want to cut.
  • There are no disturbing ads.

Cons- You can’t trim and play the video at the same time while splitting.

  1.  Story Video Cutter- Video splitter- You can simply cut your videos into pieces so that you can upload it.

Pros- You can set the configuration for clipping.

Cons- Many times, it doesn’t work.

2. Live videos

If you want to add long videos of whatever is happening at the moment, you can come live on the app and upload it. It supports videos with longer durations, which is up to one hour.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Go to the story section.

Step 3- Select the live option.

Step 4- You are live now. 

Step 5- Shoot the video that you want to upload and it will get uploaded automatically.

3. Multiple clips for a long video.

You can simply add small video clips one after others, using the multiple posts option and your long video is ready.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Click the add posts button.

Step 3- Choose the multiple post option that is on the left.

Step 4- Choose clips series wise which you want to add.

Step 5- Tag the people give it a good caption and post it.

4. IGTV videos

IGTV has made uploading the videos easy than ever before. IGTV is a standalone video uploader on Instagram where you can post videos for up to one hour. You can use it along with or without Instagram. The app doesn’t show any commercials. You can even use hashtags on the app.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app.

Step 2- Choose the add posts button.

Step 3- Choose the video you want to upload.

Step 4- Select a thumbnail for your video.

Step 5- Click the post button.

Isn’t it too easy? You don’t have to make much effort to upload long videos on Instagram. There are numerous problems which we consider to be big but they are so small that we can solve them in a second. The problem of the unavailability of feature to upload long videos on Instagram seems to be so big as we have to spend a lot of time cutting videos into small parts. But by using the above steps, you can do it with just a click. So, from now on, just make a video without any stress or without thinking that you will not be able to upload the whole video as you can do this task on fingertips without any trouble.

When you can upload your videos without thinking anything, you can make as many videos as you want. This is a chance or opportunity to express your thoughts and stand differently. Now, nothing can stop you from changing this world. You have the power of changing everything. You are the best and can do whatever you want. Just move ahead and never stop.


How To Change Instagram Chat Colours On Android and iPhone?

Zuckerberg recently pushed a huge update onto Instagram changing the way how you use its messaging feature. Things, such as emoji reactions, selfie stickers, and chat themes, were introduced. The new Instagram Update brings several themes like love, pride, or tie-dye, and gives a different color scheme for every person you text. Every time you change the chat theme, the other user will be notified of it, inside the chat, when they open it. Additionally, When you change the theme or bubble color, it will reflect for the other user as well.

  • What is the new Instagram direct message update?

The recent update to DMs introduces new themes for the DM chats. The plain UI as you know it has gone and new ones with popping colors and designs are here. Presently, it is not possible to go back to the previous UI.

  • Are the new themes available to all?

The feature is presently rolling out to select users around the world. However, a global rollout is on the way. The Instagram team is only making sure there aren’t any glitches. So, if you aren’t seeing the new colors yet, our advice is to sit tight.

Yet, if the Instagram chat themes are  available in your country, and still not functional, you can work it out in these ways: 

  • There are two things – Themes and Colors & gradients. The chat themes add a wallpaper to the chat and change the bubble color of DM’s. But, choosing a new color only changes the message bubble color.
  • The theme selected applies to a single chat only. You need to change the theme or color for each chat manually. It gives a great amount of personalization. 
  • How to change the DM chat colors?

The options are quite limited for the time being. But there is an expectation that Instagram would roll out many more, much like Facebook Messenger gradients.

  1. Step by Step method

To switch the chat colors, 

  • Log in to the app and open the chat you want to customize. 
  • Now, select the ‘i’ (info) button at the top-right corner. Look through the ‘Chat Settings’. Select ‘Themes.’ 
  • Pick from the given ‘Themes’ and ‘Colors & Gradients’. 
  1. Update the IG app

If you don’t see the theme setting in your DM’s, then you might need to update the app. 

  • Search for Instagram on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). 
  • Tap to Update. Once updated, and you shall be greeted by a notification when you open the Instagram app. It will introduce Cross-app messaging or Messaging has changed. 
  • Tap on it. Follow the instructions on-screen and get the theme feature.

If you don’t see any such notification, remove the app from the recent apps list or restart your phone after updating. Then try opening Instagram again, and you will, hopefully, see the new feature.

When the messaging update would be successfully completed, the DM icon will be replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo. This indicates that you will be able to use themes in the chats.

  1. Update the Messaging Feature

If you missed the cross messaging notification, then :

  • Go to your profile screen, tap on the three-bar icon, then select “Settings” from it.
  • Tap on the “Update Messaging” that you see on the top. A screen showing new features of DM will open. 
  • Tap on Update. Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You will then be able to message your Facebook contacts from Instagram. You can press “skip” also. 
  • Now when you go to the Instagram app’s home screen, you will see that the Messenger logo has superseded the old DM icon. Open the chat, and you will be able to change the themes as per the instructions above. 
  1. Log out of all accounts

Try logging out from your account. It has helped many users. To do that:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the three-bar icon. Choose “Settings”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Log out”. If you have multiple accounts, tap on “Log out of all” accounts.
  • Restart your phone, then log in again. Hopefully, the chat themes will work for your account now.
  1. Clear cache and data ( Only android users )

Clearing cache does not delete your Instagram photos or personal data from your phone. It will log you out from all your accounts on the phone. To clear data for the app :

  • Go to “Apps settings”. Choose Instagram.
  • Tap on Storage. 
  • Then tap on Clear cache first. Go back and hit the Force Close button. 
  • Open Instagram and you will be able to use chat themes after enabling the new feature. 

If that doesn’t work, tap on the Clear storage or Clear data button. Then try changing the chat theme.

  1. Uninstall Instagram app

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, try uninstalling the app. To uninstall :

  • On Android: Open “App settings”. Go to Instagram. Choose the Uninstall button. Or, touch and long-press the app icon on the home screen and choose Uninstall. 
  • On iPhone: Touch and hold the app icon and then select “Delete app”. 
  • Can you go back to the previous theme?

If you don’t like the current update, you can go back. Android users can uninstall the current version and get the older APK file. But iOS users don’t have that option. But, you can switch to the original Instagram look by selecting “Classic” from the list of themes.

Instagram is used by millions of users worldwide to share their pictures, stories, and more with their followers. Now, with this new feature, any user can change their chat theme and ambiance. Instagram allows you to choose from a range of colors for your DMs apart from the classic white and night mode.