How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number Or Sim?

November 17, 2020 0 By jessi

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and common apps’ used by so many people. It has free access. You can create an account on WhatsApp and can also send messages, photos, videos, and also can be in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp Messenger is available for every type of mobile users like IOS, Android, window phones, and Nokia. They can also use all the features of WhatsApp because they use the same data plan that is used for email and web browsing. And there is no cost for it to message. WhatsApp Is one of the largest community messaging platforms all around the world.

In addition to the basic WhatsApp, you can also change the background colour of your chat and can easily send messages to anyone. You can create groups on WhatsApp and can send stickers, Gifs, images, and audio/videos message with your family, friends, and colleagues. WhatsApp is one of the fastest-growing platforms. With millions of users and the application also has good benefits for all users around the world.

Whatsapp usage is increasing day by day; it is mostly used for group discussions. Internet users are extending this platform for private discussions.

 They mostly prefer private platforms for discussion like WhatsApp and snap chat. Rather than using broadcasting, social media networks. There are also WhatsApp client applications that run on mobile devices as well as on computers. Till the user’s mobile device stay connected to the internet.

Whatsapp has a customized version. 

You can also use WhatsApp without having a number or sim by following steps :

Step 1:  Use of WhatsApp without number 

  • Firstly install WhatsApp on your device and then start the main setup.
  • Instead of your phone on WhatsApp enter the fixed landline digits specified your country and state code. 
  • And if there is an option to call on the number to verify then just click on that option and continue.
  • If you already have the verified WhatsApp then delete the recent number.
  • After that, uninstall the app. And reinstall it back.

Step 2: Use text now to verify your WhatsApp 

  • Firstly download the text now messaging app on your phone.
  • This app will give you a unique phone number.
  • Enter the phone number into WhatsApp and use this verified account. 

If you want to use this app on PC, then you have to open your android emulator and then search for Textnow.

Step 3: Open the Textnow app and note down your number.

  • Once you download the app on your device, complete the above process properly.
  • And note down your number.
  • Open WhatsApp now and verify your number.

Step 4: You can also use the second potion that verifies your WhatsApp through an existing landline. 

This method can also be used to verify your WhatsApp. Even if you don’t have a sim card, you can easily open WhatsApp on your phone. The following are the steps that you need to follow to open WhatsApp without a sim card.

  • Open your WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Now just enter your landline number.
  • Just wait for a while for verification by SMS to fail.
  • Now call on the call me a number that will be given by the WhatsApp.
  • After that simply enter your verification code. Carefully note the code.

Now finish the setup process.

Step 5: You can also use WhatsApp without a number only with the help of a spoof Text app on Android.

  • Download the app from your play store to use WhatsApp sim verification.
  •  With this app, do false WhatsApp to verify your number by stating your email from your number. 
  • Now the user will receive a verification code for installation of WhatsApp without a number verified.

Then use the code to sign in.


WhatsApp is one of the best apps for private communication, especially for colleagues or for any business things. You can learn so many things from it if you use the app correctly. It can also help you to create side effects like health problems or even drop in skills if you use it improperly. WhatsApp has also gained a huge rapid increase in the usage of social networking applications. There is a lot of several downloads of WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. It has millions of people who use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can also be available for the 3G and wifi users to message any friends or family. The usage of WhatsApp is growing day by day, and sometimes people become addicted to it, which leads to crime. But overall if you correctly use the app, you will learn new things.

You can also use WhatsApp without any phone number or sim card with the help of the above information. But you mustn’t use it in an illegal or wrong manner. It is important to follow certain rules if you’re creating an account without a sim card or number because there are so many hacking cases. Suppose you’re using WhatsApp for some wrong thing. You need to know the rules and guidelines for using WhatsApp without a number. Otherwise, sometimes it leads to some bad consequences. You should be careful while also filling in details. Otherwise, the wrong details can be the stopper while creating an account.

It’s very important that whenever you create an account on WhatsApp, you should note down your details and everything because if you logout and you don’t remember details that will help you other than that the WhatsApp can also help you in this just tap on the help icon and then follow the guidelines as you will be able to log in to your account. And lastly, with the help of the above steps, you can easily activate or create your new WhatsApp account without using the sim card and also without the phone number. Other than that, just read the WhatsApp steps before starting the WhatsApp. It will be easier for you to start WhatsApp.